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Rob saw him first. There we were, taking the opportunity of an extra-long layover on our way home from New Jersey to walk around the terminals in Dallas Fort-Worth. We wandered into an area that we had never gone through before, just enjoying the chance to stretch our legs–after all, we still had another 3 hour flight ahead of us before we could collapse into our own bed.

And there he was. You’d never know he was a priest from his casual dress and animated expression as he talked on his phone. It was Fr. Tri, one of the priests that married us and my friend for a very, very long time.

I hadn’t seen Fr. Tri in quite a while. He’s quite the popular Jesuit (although he, in great humility, would be embarrassed for me to say so). He’s been bouncing around the Bay area, changing lives and revolutionizing the way that the Jesuits (and the Vietnamese) do ministry. I love him for it.

Now he’s off for a year ministering in the Phillipines. But getting the chance to hug him tightly and see his broad smile gave my spirit an extra shot of ambition and joy. Of all the people who passed through that airport, thousands and thousands a day…of all the ways we could have missed each other…we found each other at just the right moment, in just the right place.

Rob and I later talked about what God could be telling us through this chance meeting. Rob’s take was that it was a reminder to us that family and friends are never too far apart from us…that nothing can separate us from the ones we love, especially if we remain mindful of them through God’s love for us. I agree with this.

I also think that it’s a reminder to me that the things which can seem most impossible are in fact possible through God’s providence and grace. Statistically, I’m sure the chances of us meeting in that airport on that day would have been insurmountably grim. And yet we did. And God worked through it, spoke through it, and gave me hope through it.

Nothing, nothing is impossible with God.