Dreams Have Value


When my husband and I visited Best Friends Animal Sanctuary earlier in the month, we fell in love with our overnight dog, Julep. We took her on a ride down to Jacob Lake, took her hiking, and had a nice meal on the patio of a local restaurant. Julep was wonderful, and we immediately saw her as fitting right in with our family.

The next morning we filled out an application. It felt like a really big step, because Julep would need to have a yard. Which would mean we would need to live in a place with a nice yard for her (unlike our current apartment). That’s okay, we thought. We were planning on doing that anyway. I dreamt of our new home and our new dog, raising our kids with this friendly and mellow boxer. It was a nice dream.

The problem, though, was that Julep hadn’t been cat-tested. And we have two very loved cats as part of our family. So, the adoption coordinator told us, they would let us know how Julep did when she was introduced to cats.

I was told this morning she did not do well. In fact, she did so poorly in her cat-test that Best Friends simply doesn’t feel comfortable adopting her to a home with cats. Period. Which I actually really respect and appreciate, both for Julep’s sake and for our cats’.

But I admit to being very sad, too.

Sometimes the dreaming is the important part in the process. Often when I dream of possibilities, I let my heart get carried away. I realize this about myself. Yet, at the same time, I know that even when these possibilities don’t materialize and my heart breaks for it, I continue to expand within. I don’t regret letting Julep into my heart. I may feel a deep loss at what might have been, but I don’t regret it. Because my heart is better for loving a little bit more.

The dream itself has value. And, in my heart, I hope it had value for Julep, too–I hope she knew how much she will be loved by some family, some day.


PS…If you are interested in adopting sweet, wonderful Julep–or any other animal from Best Friends–you can learn more at http://adoptions.bestfriends.org/.


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