Deepening Relationships


Today we spent the day volunteering with the horses at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. It was physically demanding–15,000 steps on my pedometer at 4:30pm–and deeply rewarding. We learned of the passing of some of our old horse friends, and were introduced to some of the newbies to Best Friends. We spent time with those we had connected with before as well as those whom we’d never met. We mucked, groomed, watered, fed, socialized. We cherished every moment.

We felt a palpable consistency with the theme of deepening relationships in our lives. We’ve worked so hard to build relationships with the farmers of our food and to be in solidarity with the unseen laborers who make our very household possible. But this was a new expansiveness, one that we began to touch on during our visit in March and now is beginning to deepen.

The earth is the Lord’s, and all it holds–Scripture reminds us of this. We are all in relationship with other co-inhabitants, other co-creatures. By spending time amongst the glory of the earth (so obvious in Southern Utah) and with such a wide variety of creatures large and small, we are more intimately knowing our creator. All things reflect God in one way or another. Today, we were privy to God’s majesty, God’s sensitivity, and God’s controlled strength, all through our time with the horses.

Grooming is quite an intimate experience, and I felt blessed to be able to be so close to such powerful creatures.  It was a good day.


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