Over the past year, I’ve found that one of the most profound practices of solidarity has come from making my own clothes. Today I made myself a shirt:


So I’m not Donna Karan or anything…I mean, it’s certainly simple. But it’s the work of my hands and I’m proud of it.  Here’s a skirt I’m working on:


And one of the most important part of this experience is that I was thinking about how people all over the world are laboring to make us blouses just like this, and that it isn’t by choice or an act of enjoyment. Their next meal may depend on how fast they do it and how accurate the stitches are.

This is a simple act of solidarity…and tonight I hold in my heart all those who labor unjustly, and who cannot take joy in the work of their own hands.

P.S…We’re coming up on the one year anniversary of my husband’s and my one year “Stuff Diet”…stay tuned in the coming weeks for our personal reflections on the successful and not-as-successful aspects of our commitment, and what we learned from our experience (and where we’ll go from here!).


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