Walking the Talk…As Well As We Can

I’ve gotten a few questions about the status of some of the things I’ve posted about, so here’s a quick update:

The Garden: The garden is doing great! We’ve been harvesting lettuce for our own salads and really loving it. We’ve let a couple of stalks bolt so they can go to seed–hopefully we’ll be able to try our hand at growing from our own seeds rather than seedlings next season. Our onions aren’t quite ready yet, but we’re willing to be patient. The thyme is fantastic; we used it just the other day for a risotto dish we made. The basil has begun to take over its container; even our Italian cooking can’t keep up with its growth! The strawberries are doing great; even though they haven’t produced fruit yet, the plants are healthy and sending out plenty of runners. I’ll try to post pictures of the garden soon.

The Fiddle: I am getting better and better. I wouldn’t call myself good, really–although I know two, very short songs quite well. I continue to work on my scales and am getting better at bow pressure and getting my fingers used to the positioning. In fact, sometimes I even find myself tapping my own foot when I play. Although this can be distracting and actually messes me up, so I have to be careful not to get too carried away. 🙂 Someday….! Here’s a picture of me playing at my sister-in-law’s house: IMG_4877

Life Without TV:  This hasn’t been easy, I’m not going to lie. Having never lived without TV, I find that it’s difficult not having it as an option. Admittedly, because I only gave up the cable boxes but not the ability to plug the cable directly into the TV (thus getting the network channels), I’m still not totally weaned. I would say at this point I’m still watching an average of 30 minutes a day on weekdays (none on weekends). But I’m slowly detaching myself from that habit, so hopefully within a month or so it will be down to nothing.

Life With One Car: We’re about one week into our one-month experiment and so far, so good. I’ve only used my car to move it off the street for street sweeping. There have definitely been moments when this was not convenient…but, I suppose that is part of the point. We’ve found a way to work with it, and none of our solutions have been earth shatteringly insightful; it’s just a matter of coordinated planning and a willingness to spend a little more time walking or biking. In a couple of cases, I’ve depended on other people to give me a ride because the car wasn’t available; in others, like today, I’ve walked. If I have to go out to Fuller I’ll take a bus and a train. So, like I said, careful coordination and planning. Certainly not impossible.  Throughout this week I’ve tried to remain mindful of those who don’t have the choice to limit their car use.

Quilting:   I am on to my second quilt! I finally got the proper foot for my sewing machine, a walking foot, and it works like a charm. I’m hoping to finish this quilt by Sunday so I can have it ready for my friend and her family–we’re celebrating the first birthday of her second child. I’ll post pics when its done.

That’s the quick update. I’ve been thinking about so many things lately–possibilities and opportunities. I’m excited to share the journey with all of you. Many blessings today!


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  1. Posted by ProudHusband on August 6, 2009 at 4:26 pm

    An update from the Proud Husband:
    The Garden: I’m really happy with how well everything is doing. After our first attempt at an herb garden, the squirrels had eaten our cilantro down to the root and the basil seemed chewed away to almost nothing. We tried to introduce ladybugs to protect the pot, but the ones the gardening store sells are mostly dead. Now, with our netting, no critters have tried to steal our food (I suppose we’ll see when we harvest the onions whether the raised beds have protected us from tunnelers…)
    The Fiddle: As a totally biased observer, I can tell you that you’re doing a great job at picking up the fiddle. You’ve really made definite improvements in finding the center of the pitch and keeping tempo. I love listening to you play, and can’t wait to hear you learn Simple Gifts.
    Life without TV: You should let your readers know that I haven’t watched any TV since we made the break. Of course, this is a simpler choice for me since a) I’m at work during the day and b) it’s summer, so there’s nothing on that I want to watch. We’ll see how well I do in the fall when you’re in an evening class and I’m the one who is home and bored.
    Life with One Car: Again, I’ve gotten off easier so far, since I haven’t biked in to work just yet. I’m planning to submit a blog-post (with your approval) after my first commute.
    Quilting: Again, this is just one ProudHusband’s opinion, but you’ve made some beautiful quilts. I’m so happy to see the fruit of your labors turn out so well.


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