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Checkin In

Sometimes there are periods of growth that are so intense and so exciting that, for some reason, I find it hard to express in the written word. Such a time has been happening over the last 40 days; I apologize for my absence, but I promise that the fruits of this time will certainly influence posts to come. My husband and I have been in the midst of great adventure and have daily discussions about the wonderful opportunities that God has set before us. The hardest part is figuring out what, exactly, God wants us to do with all of it!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. I have but 11 minutes before my 8am class begins, so let me just post a quick update for now about my classes this quarter. This is proving to be my most exciting quarter yet. I’m finishing off my introductory Greek courses, with my 3rd and final quarter this Spring. In addition, I am taking American Church History with the wonderful Dr. Feldmeth, whom I greatly enjoyed last quarter for Medieval/Reformation History. My favorite course this quarter is called “Creation Care and Sabbath Economics,” which focuses on the active participation in recognizing humanity’s call to be stewards of the land. This includes the practice of Sabbath, which was designed for both a period of intentional rest and an opportunity for family time. In this day and age, that is quite a counter-cultural approach. Speaking of culture, my last “class” is unofficial–I’m auditing a course called “Christ and Culture,” a philosophy class that focuses on the role of Christ in culture, and which analyzes the extent that humans influence and interact with Christ according to their specific cultural backgrounds. It’s a very exciting quarter.

In the future, I want to write more about personal happenings as of late: our (my husband and I) decision to join a CSA (community supported agriculture), volunteer time at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, our visit and volunteer time at Tierra Miguel Farm, and our visits to some of the most beautiful places that nature can offer. More to come!