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Finals are over…but sickness begins

I’m so sorry that I haven’t written in a while. Why didn’t they tell us that the last few weeks of a quarter system are pure insanity? I suppose that is to be expected, but I also hope you forgive my absence.

Well, let’s start with finals first. I entered my New Testament final feeling really confident. I was surprised at this, because there was a lot of information to remember, but I also realized that my professor’s teaching style had been really effective, because I didn’t really have to study that hard in the traditional sense. I found that I just remembered a lot of stuff from class and from my course work. Quite a change from the past! I was also surprised when my professor personally told me that he thought I had been a great student and that he hoped I’d keep him updated as I went through my academic journey at Fuller. And here I had thought he didn’t like me (or, at best, was simply mildly annoyed with my hand-raising most of the time). Cool!

So my NT final was on Monday morning, and my Patristics was scheduled for 8am Wednesday morning, with my Greek final following at 6:30pm on Wednesday night. Since I commute an hour to school, I just stay at school between classes, so I had an 8 hour break that day between finals.

This normally would be a wonderful thing, except for the beginnings of sickness that I began to feel on Monday afternoon. Tuesday, it began to hit me with fatigue. This wasn’t good, because the vast amount of information that needed to be memorized for my all essay Patristics final was such that it required my undivided attention for the majority of Tuesday. Thanks to my wonderful, amazing, loving husband, I got through Tuesday by putting together an awesome study guide and then spending the evening snuggled in his arms studying and having him quiz me (and nourished by bean tacos from Taco Bell). Thank you, baby–you’re the best.

Needless to say, I made it through the final the next morning, despite having dreams that I didn’t leave my house until five minutes before the final was to start. I’m not kidding when I say that I wrote like a maniac for 1 hour and 59 minutes (the final was allotted 2 hours). I spent the rest of the day studying Greek and rocked that final that night. I feel good about all the finals, and now I’m officially done with my first quarter of seminary and feel impressed and proud of myself for all of the information that is in my brain.

Now, a change of subject (kind of).  I haven’t been writing about it, but I’ve been struggling a little bit with my health lately. After some disconcerting symptoms in early November, my doctor recommended I get a colonoscopy to figure things out (scheduled for next Thursday). On top of that, I had been struggling with some reflux and stomach aches throughout November (sorry for too much info).  The reflux slowly got worse over the month so that now it’s happening all the time, and my chest has started to hurt when I swallow. Okay, not good. But then earlier in the week it started feeling like the food was getting caught in my chest and just staying there, and my right side started to hurt, front and back, even waking my up at night. Of course I scan the internet–gallbladder? achalasia? hypochondria? After talking with my mom, she convinced me to email my doctor about it, on whom I’m waiting to  write back. 

So now I’m sick. Like, blech, ick, lay-in-bed-all-day, cough-sneeze-blowmynose sick. My husband wants me to go to the doctor.  But I feel a couple things about this. 1) My doctor is going to start thinking I’m a wussy hypochondriac and isn’t going to take me seriously when something is really wrong. 2) I’m really tired of being in the doctor’s office. I had thought before November that I was through being the “sick” person (for those of you that don’t know me, I’ve been battling health problems–some serious, some just annoying–for the past….wow, three years now).  So I’m resisting the idea for the doctor. I don’t know if being sick will have them put off the colonoscopy, and knowing Kaiser it will take them another 2 months to reschedule. I will make myself sick enough with apprehension in those 2 months than if  I had just had it despite a little cold. Also–I can’t stress this enough–I’m just tired of the doctor’s office. I know it could be worse, I know there are people that have to be in the doctor a lot more often than me. But I feel pretty stupid walking into the doctor all of the time now and having them stumped and then shrug their shoulders and blow me off. It makes me feel unsettled about my own intuition regarding my body.

Thanks for reading the long post!