Prodigal Daughter

I know, I know….I’ve been away for quite a while. An honest assessment of my absence would give credit to papers, papers, more papers, and the occasional veterinary emergency. Oh yes, and the reading. Who can forget the hundreds of pages of reading? But don’t take this to be a complaint (except for the veterinary emergency part). I’m loving school more than I ever have before.

For example, I learned on Monday night that the Greek word that is commonly translated “dwelt” in John’s Prologue (“and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us”) is actually literally “tabernacled,” or “pitched a tent.” This new understanding of the verse opened up worlds to me. Imagine it–Christ, tabernacled among us, the bridge between heaven and earth, enfolding us all within.

Or, another example would be regarding the Pastoral Epistles. Many scholars at this point consider them to most likely be non-Pauline…but what if that’s not the case? Could 2 Tim be seen as the authentically Pauline book of the 3, thus making it the most personal insight into his final understanding of his life’s work, his perspective of things to come, and his thoughts on what his legacy will be?

And then there’s Augustine. Augustine, who believes that babies are just flush with sin because of all that selfish wailing and self-centered demands. Augustine, who I am growing to really enjoy because of his yearning–his questions, his love of the mystery of God. Sure, he and I don’t always see eye to eye…but I’m beginning to see him as a man who lived and believed according to his own faith experience. This, of course, is in opposition of my more immature and younger view of him as that horrible guy who hated all things having to do with the body, especially sex. That’s not a fair assessment of what he’s about.

Outside of school, I’m doing my best to have a consistent holistic life ethic. My husband and I are trying to have a richer prayer life by devoting our Friday evenings to a small prayer service and a simple dinner. I’m trying to nourish my body with healthy foods, and praise God through exercising regularly. I am doing my best to balance my school time with my time with my husband and family. The one area I’m falling behind, I would have to say, is in sleep. The past week has stolen my banked sleep (if there is such a thing), and now, like our country, I’m in debt. I need a bail out plan! I suppose I’ll get it after December 10th…


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